Patogonia (tm) He's one lucky ducky!


Below are some questions and answers about the duck and this website.


Well, obviously, it's about a duck. A very special duck. It was originally christened in New York as N.A.R.D.Y. (not a rubber ducky).

On January 12th 2006 he started a 6 week journey with Nir Navon and Barak Danin to the Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia, where most of the photos on this website were taken. A lot of the credit for the concept and the photos goes to Nir - thanks Nir! You da man.

This is also where he was named Patogonia.

Both, actually.

Patagonia is where the duck was travelling.

Patogonia is his new name.

It's a silly pun, really - pato means duck in Spanish. That's all there is to it.

If you're really thinking this, you are probably either:
a. very old
b. have very little sense of humor
c. are too cynical to enjoy anything in life

Actually, Pato doesn't care what you think. As he usually puts it, "Leave me in your mother!"


Barak (Left) and Nir with Patogonia

Patagonia Map
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