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Here he is taking the night bus to Pucon, in Chile.


Taking the ski lift up the Villarica volcano. For ducky, being a tourist means traveling with luxury.

Training for the Villarica Traverse trek. It was not to be taken lightly: a 3 day walk with a full backpack (Muchila)!


As Pato served in the Israeli army for 3 years, he was well acquainted with topographical maps and could
navigate with this one easily, even though it was a worthless piece of junk. If you are a guardeparque in
the Villarica park, you should really do something about it...

After the trek, Pato decided to leave for Argentina.
Here he is trying to piss off the Argentinean border guards by walking in the restricted area.

He failed.

What do you know, he even has his own journal!

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