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Kayaking in the Bariloche lake, literally single handedly!


In Bariloche he rented a car from a horrible car rental agency (Correntosso) - they were really obnoxious,
horrible people. He took it around the lake districts of Argentina and Chile, it was FAN-TASTIC


Oh look, a gay puma (not that there's anything wrong with it), and - could it be? - Pato is riding a wild boar!
It was surprisingly docile.


In the Torres del Paine trek in Chile, Pato didn't take a chance and rented walking sticks. Everywhere he went
people called him "Superfit Ducky", he was that quick.

With Ana from La Bicicleta Naranja, a sweet, knowledgeable girl who guided him through a morning bicycle tour
of Buenos Aires (aka Buenothhhhhh).

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